You Can Now Get Your Saint Laurent Sac de Jour with Pre-Wrapped Scarf Handles

If youre a longtime bag lover or have even a passing interest in Hermès, youve probably seen plenty of photos of the brands bags with colorful scarves wrapped around the handles. Hermès makes a silk design, the Twilly, specifically for that purpose (although its also used for other things), and Birkin aficionados in particular have long used it as a way to customize their bags while protecting the handles from wear, discoloration and oil absorption.

The practice has spread from Hermès to other brands, especially those with a silks program of their own and a client base that overlaps with Hermès, but the scarves and bags have always been sold separately–picking colors and a print was up to the taste of the buyer, in order to make an iconic bag feel more like a piece of personal style. Until now, that is; this spring, Saint Laurent is offering a couple of its popular Sac de Jour Totes with pre-wrapped scarf handles.

The SDJ was one of the first and most notable among a recent round of bags from across the market that shoppers have compared to the Birkin; whether those comparisons are favorable or unfavorable depends largely on the person offering them. Instead of resisting those comparisons, though, Saint Laurent seems to be embracing them–Birkins are easily the bag most often spotted with wrapped handles, and now, with this bag, you dont even have to wrap them yourself.

I suppose its a nice option to have if you like the look of wrapped handles but dont want to buy anything extra, but in my mind, it removes the fun of personalization from the process, which is the only reason Id wrap my handles in the first place. Also, the wrapped handles increase the bags price $140 for the Baby version; and Hermès Twilly, on the other hand, will set you back about $160 and can be used for other things. (If youre interested in wrapping your favorite bags handles, this video demonstrates some popular methods.)

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