Erin Andrews Heads to the Super Bowl with Both Celine and Saint Laurent Bags

Fox Sports football personality Erin Andrews was recently spotted heading from LAX to JFK for the impending Super Bowl festivities. As you can see, shes overloaded with not just a Celine Luggage Tote, but also a Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Tote, which means her airport handbag game is about as tight as it gets. (Also, sports personality ladies, we clearly havent been paying you enough attention. Lesson learned.) You can get Erins exact “Bordeaux” Saint Laurent bag for $2,950 […] Read More

Latest Obsession: Saint Laurent Snake-Effect Monogramme Shoulder Bag

I’m often critical of Saint Laurent under Hedi Slimane, but the man does have an undeniable knack for certain things. To me, his collections often feel cobbled together of riffs on pieces other labels have found cool-girl success with, like Chelsea boots and leather jackets marked up until they feel rarified, but that approach does turn out a lot of pieces that are enviable on their own. This week, the piece that’s caught my eye is the embossed snake version […] Read More

You Can Now Get Your Saint Laurent Sac de Jour with Pre-Wrapped Scarf Handles

If youre a longtime bag lover or have even a passing interest in Hermès, youve probably seen plenty of photos of the brands bags with colorful scarves wrapped around the handles. Hermès makes a silk design, the Twilly, specifically for that purpose (although its also used for other things), and Birkin aficionados in particular have long used it as a way to customize their bags while protecting the handles from wear, discoloration and oil absorption. The practice has spread from […] Read More

Yves Saint Laurent Majorelle Medium Bag

I think we all know that Yves Saint Laurent is, uh, kind of freaking brilliant. He passed recently, but his eponymous label lives on in what seem to be very capable hands, if the Yves Saint Laurent Majorelle Medium Bag is any indication. The bag is a perfectly vintage shape – I picture elegant, monied women in the 1950s wearing this bag, along with a chic pair of gloves (why don’t we wear gloves anymore? Or hats? Can we bring […] Read More

Yves Saint Laurent Small Satin Chain-Strap Bag

Before I say anything, I have to comment on how quickly this year has flown by. I cannot believe it is already November! However, the last few months of the year brings some of my favorite events, holidays and activities. Another one of my favorite things is that with all of the Holiday parties and gatherings I feel as though I have an excuse to beef up my evening bag collection and this makes me happy. So, it should be […] Read More

Would you pay $195 for this Yves Saint Laurent tote?

Ahh, the eternal handbag questions: how much should we, as consumers, be willing to pay for bags that aren’t made out of leather? How about one made out of canvas? How about a really SIMPLE bag made out of canvas? Should it vary by brand? If it does, does that mean we’ve all fallen victim to someone’s marketing scheme? For me, the Yves Saint Laurent Safety Pins Tote brings up all of those questions and more. For what it is, […] Read More

This or That: The Saint Laurent Medium Monogram Satchel or the Boy Chanel Wallet on a Chain

I’m in a bit of a bag predicament, and since I’ve exhausted my family and friends enough on this matter, I thought I’d pose the question to all of you. I’m in need of a new bag for nights out, and I need help deciding if I should splurge on the Saint Laurent Medium Monogram Satchel or the Chanel Boy Wallet on a Chain. Not only do I have a deep love for all kinds of bags, but I’m becoming […] Read More

Fergie carries Saint Laurent’s new Cabas to a recording session

Fergie Ferg was recently snapped exiting a recording studio in NYC, wearing what looks to be a minidress made out of a 1980s windbreaker (though Im sure its designer – anyone care to ID?) and carrying the Saint Laurent The Cabas Tote. The Cabas Tote is Saint Laurent designer Hedi Slimanes take on the Yves Saint Laurent Cabas ChYc, a bag that rose to fashion fame and populiarty during the tenure of his predecessor. Fergies exact bag is currently available […] Read More

Celebs Make Their Way in the World with Chanel, Céline and Saint Laurent Bags

And one of these stars is literally headed to prison Sometimes life gives you lemons, and you make lemonade, but then you hide most of the lemonade and just pretend that you spilled it all. But then your fans are like, “I really thought she had a ton of lemonade. Im confused now.” And then the feds investigate and you get convicted of bankruptcy fraud—its a celebrity tale as old as time. (Not really, but seriously you guys, make use […] Read More

Lindsay Lohan Style: Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag

I am so over LiLo. I have no idea what this girl is doing, haven’t cared to read about her, and the last I heard she is broke. But her pictures find their way to my computer and pop out at me, and then I LOOK! at them! At least most of the time I am checking out what she is wearing rather than wondering what she is doing. Rebecca Minkoff handbags are catching on and been seen on some […] Read More