Yves Saint Laurent Calf Hair Majorelle Bag

So, how do we all feel about calf hair? Until I saw the Yves Saint Laurent Calf Hair Majorelle Bag, I hadn’t considered the material in quite a while, but now it has me thinking.

Despite my recent love affair with all things Yves Saint Laurent, this bag is coming off as quite clunky to me, and I think that the blame lies with the fuzzy material.

The bag itself is a charmingly simple 50s throwback, so I have little to complain about in that regard. Its lines could be a little sharper, but I’m pretty sure that that’s not what’s to blame for the effect that the calf hair is creating.

Because the real problem is that when I look at this bag, I get the distinct visual of crushed velvet. The combination of slick black and the fur simply does not create a high-end look, and the added embossed texture probably doesn’t help either. In the past, when I’ve seen calf hair, it’s often been used in conjunction with multicolored animal print, and the combination of textures usually conspires to mask some of the odd velveteen shine that we see here. On the whole, I think it’s better of on those kinds of bags. Buy through BlueFly for $1836.

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