Go to The Yves Saint Laurent’s Paris Apartment

By the time Christie’s auctioned the apartment’s capacity in what every newspaper, magazine, and website (AD’s included) hailed as “the bargain of the century,” that annular dining table, as able-bodied as the room’s aesthetic snap, had vanished. What had been additional and brilliant had become about papal. A photograph of Saint Laurent Outlet, airtight the day afore his final actualization in 2002, captures him cat-and-mouse for bologna to be served, built-in in an 18th-century Italian Rococo giltwood armchair that would […] Read More

Yves Saint Laurent Tote with Studs

For all of you who love brown handbags, I apologize profusely as it seems you got stuck with a group of gals who share more of an affinity to black handbags. When we find a great brown bag, we will not cease to share it with you. This time I think I found a brown bag with a black counterpart that I like even less. Ridiculous, right? We reviewed the Yves Saint Laurent Studded Satchel and were pleasantly surprised to […] Read More

YSL and Social Media

Another major design house has joined the world of social media. As of August 1st, Yves Saint Laurent became official on both Twitter and Facebook to reach out with their fans and share news on fashion shows, products, special products and events, campaigns, and celebrity dressing. Also, Yves Saint Laurent released the fifth edition of Manifesto featuring Christy Turlington, which was photographed by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin. The Manifesto will be distributed in the streets of Paris, New […] Read More

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Travels with a Saint Laurent Bag

Heres the endlessly chic Rosie Huntington-Whiteley arriving at LAX, carrying a black Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Tote. In case youve forgotten, Rosie is a model and an actress, but everyone here probably just recognizes her from appearing in pics just like these and dressing impeccably, all of the time. (If this job has taught me anything, its that you absolutely can make a career out of that, somehow.) You can get Rosies exact Sac de Jour for $2,950 at […] Read More

Sienna Miller YSL Ostrich Rive Gauche Bag

Sienna Miller may refuse to quit smoking, but we need to grant her some slack, she did have quite a turbulent time these past few months with Jude. On our end we need to give Sienna props on her outfit for the Chain of Hope Ball at the Dorchester Hotel this past week. Her black and white ensemble was retro and funky and her bag was to die for. Sienna carried the Yves Saint Laurent Ostrich Rive Gauche Bag while […] Read More

Yves Saint Laurent Spiral Clutch

Ever find a bag that just SPEAKS to you? Like, on a personal level that other people may not understand? That’s what the Yves Saint Laurent Spiral Clutch is doing to me. And I’d love to…nay, I HAVE TO…have it. See, I’m a writer. I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was six. Writers often have an odd relationship with the old-school tools of our trade; pens, notebooks, things like that. I’ve even know writers that collect vintage typewriters. […] Read More

Should I Keep My Saint Laurent Bag?

I know what you all must be thinking (that I’m crazy for even thinking about this), but hear me out. Last week, all of you helped me make a very important decision. I was stuck between two going-out bags, one from Saint Laurent, the other from Chanel. After writing the post and reading all your comments, the decision was a no-brainer. I went out and bought the Saint Laurent and then went home that night and started wearing my new […] Read More

Kylie Minogue Carries Saint Laurent in London

The Saint Laurent Sac de Jour seems to be having a bag moment. Heres Kylie Minogue, arriving at the Charlotte Street Hotel in London, carrying a black, polished calfskin Saint Laurent Sac de Jour. The Sac is a bag that always brings out a lot of strong sentiments from both Sac lovers and Sac haters – which I find a tad strange, because this design seems pretty innocuous to me. (And yes, I see the Hermes similarities.) You can obtain […] Read More

Yves Saint Laurent Satin Ribbon Clutch

Are you starting to plan for this year’s holiday parties yet? Yeah, me neither. However, if you are, I think I’ve found a clutch you might like. Yes, I was without a doubt a bit speechless when I came across the Yves Saint Laurent Satin Ribbon Clutch. I’m sure you’ve picked up on my handbag two-step thought process. Step one, do I like it? Step two, where will I wear it? I don’t attend copious amounts of galas so for […] Read More

Gwyneth Paltrow carries Hedi Slimane’s first bag for Yves Saint Laurent

UPDATE: WE HAVE CLOSE-UPS OF THE BAG! CHECK AFTER THE JUMP FOR MORE. At the tail end of Friday, when I was too zoned out thinking about the upcoming holiday weekend and the impending arrival of New York Fashion Week to think real thoughts or accomplish real things, an interesting link came across Twitter. According to a story by Katherine Ormerod at UK fashion magazine Grazia Daily, Hedi Slimane’s first piece of accessory design as creative director at Yves Saint […] Read More