Yves Saint Laurent Uptown Small Bag

A little structure never hurt. And a sleek defined structure is the bag of a woman who means business, who wants to be taken seriously, and who is not messing around with her fashion or closet. At this point in my life I am enjoying not needing to go to a typical business suit, 9-5 job, but I still envy those who wear a head to toe business suit from time to time. Refined and gorgeous, the Yves Saint Laurent […] Read More

Yves Saint Laurent Metallic Downtown Tote

The past two days have been devoted to handbags that cost the price of a BMW, a nicer BMW, and a small house, but with a pinch on my arm and its all back to reality. This reality is, of course, still in the world of designer bags, but doesn’t that low 4 digit price tag look amazingly refreshing today? For an everyday tote which rides on the metallic wave trend, the Yves Saint Laurent Metallic Downtown Tote is a […] Read More

Saint Laurent Debuts New Slouchy Version of the Popular Sac de Jour Bag

If you’ve ever looked at the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour and thought, “Ya know what? I want that, but soft,” then I have some good news for you: “that, but soft” now exists. For Spring 2017, the brand is debuting a bag that Bergdorf Goodman calls the Saint Laurent Supple Sac de Jour. It’s unclear if that’s the bag’s official designation since it doesn’t appear on the YSL website just yet. Bergdorf Goodman doesn’t list dimensions for this bag, […] Read More

Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Tote

Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Tote The allure of the Rive Gauche bag from YSL is the fact that it is quite understated and easy to wear everyday. While it is available in stunning ostrich, like the one Sienna Miller carried, it is also available in leather. There is a new rendition of the Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Tote made with crocodile-embossed patent leather. While it is available in both black and white, I find the white more appealing. […] Read More

Go Ahead And Guess How Much This Saint Laurent Bag Costs

I mean, really. Just go ahead and guess how much the Saint Laurent Betty Borsa Mini Shoulder Bag costs. Get your number in your head and you’ll find me after the jump, where I’ll be chuckling to myself just like I am right now. Ok, so it costs $7,500. That’s not nearly the highest price we’ve ever seen for a handbag around here, but for some reason, I nearly choked on a sip of water when I read it. It […] Read More

33 Stars Who Love Their Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Bags

In designing the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour, it seems like the brand was betting on the fact that there would be an enthusiastic market for a modernized, anonymized take on the classic Herm├Ęs Birkin. Although there was much gnashing of teeth in handbag circles when the design debuted, the bet has paid off in spades for the brand, and famous, fashionable women have been some of the bags biggest proponents. In pulling together our coverage of celebrities and what […] Read More

YSL Tribute Flat Tote

YSL Tribute Flat Tote My love of Yves Saint Laurent has only been growing recently. Their handbag collection was not known years ago for appealing to a younger twenty-something crowd, but lately, YSL handbags have been riding the wave. While the YSL Tribute Flat Tote is made to look ancient with the crackled gold finish, the finished product has an old world feel with a new world appeal. The way this bag is finished is quite intriguing, as the patent […] Read More

Yves Saint Laurent turns the popular Cabas ChYc into a shoulder bag

When a handbag becomes a hit, you can always bet that you’ll see its details morphed into new shapes without much delay. Not only does it make sense to capitalize on the original design’s popularity, but remaking a tote as a shoulder bag or a satchel as a crossbody is a great way to capture the interest of additional customers who like the original but don’t see it as relevant to their structural preferences. Thus, we present the Yves Saint […] Read More