Day at the Museum

Today, September 10th, is the official launch of the much anticipated YSL Roady. The simplicity of the hobo grabs your attention while the details and fit make it irresistible. We took the Yves Saint Laurent Roady with stingray embossed leather out for a day at the museum. A full review will come later today with many more pictures, but here is a preview of the bag that has celebrities going gaga. Price of the stingray embossed Roady will be $1,495. […] Read More

All the World’s It Girls Are Feeling New Bags from Fendi and Miu Miu

Celebs are all over the globe this week, and yet their bag choices are oddly in sync. Bags from Fendi and Saint Laurent are obvious faves, and a hot new style from Miu Miu has just made one of its first appearances on the site and youre sure to have an opinion about it one way or another. In related news, Reese Witherspoon remains surprisingly loyal to her favorite Salvatore Ferragamo style, and Solange Knowles brought a mystery bag to […] Read More

Hilary Duff Has Kept a Lower Paparazzi Profile Lately, But Her Bags are Still Great

Hilary Duffs show Younger finished filming a few months ago, and Hilary has been keeping a much lower profile than usual since then. Thats allowed of course; shes a young mom who hasnt stepped fully out of the spotlight since she was a pre-teen. Maybe shes switched up her schedule, or been a little less accommodating of LA paparazzi wiles. But man, do we miss that predictable stream of new Hilary Duff handbag pics. Heres a small sampling of her […] Read More

The Saint Laurent Paris Classic Duffel is definitely not the next Celine Luggage Tote

Predicting the future is hard, and almost no one does it well. The more information you have, the more educated your guess becomes, but in fashion, divining the potential aesthetic whims of the public at large will never be an exact science. All you can do is look at past successes and trying to figure out what they tell you about what might happen next, which is why I’m more than a little doubtful about The Cut’s assertion that the […] Read More

Yves Saint Laurent Deerskin Hobo

I’m in a big Yves Saint Laurent mood lately, and I’m not sure why. Normally, I like things that are a bit weirder, a bit flashier, or just a bit more unexpected. Which is not to say that YSL is boring, but their aesthetic is normally just a bit more tailored and simple than my own. I keep finding YSL bags that I really like in the past couple of weeks, however, and the Yves Saint Laurent Deerskin Hobo is […] Read More

Salma Hayek Style: YSL Downtown Tote

Although I have never been pregnant, so I should not preach about preggers-looks, but the very-pregnant Salma Hayek is looking very-pregnant and a tad frumpy. But I will blame the hair on the humidity and the frumpy dress on maternity wear, so you are looking good preggy-Hayek. Salma brought it all together with her YSL Patent Leather Downtown Tote while shopping in Paris. The bag makes the outfit work, because it is after all sporting trendy patent leather in a […] Read More

YSL leopard calfhair provides a fun but neutral kick to a black outfit

There’s nothing to dislike about the Yves Saint Laurent Printed Calf Hair Clutch and I won’t let you or anyone else tell me otherwise! Leopard is a certified trend for the time being, and I tend to like grey leopard just as much as, if not more than, the traditional kind. Not only would actual leopards look really cool if they sported this color combination, but the mixed tones of grey and black tend to have a slightly harder edge […] Read More

YSL Mombasa

I don’t know about you, but when I fall in love with a particular handbag at first sight, it often doesn’t last. I liken it to the crushes I had in Junior High School. Sometimes, when you fall hard and fast, you hit the ground with such force that when you wake up, your face cold from the cement slab, you come to your senses. Such is the same with me and handbags. Those, in which I fall hard for, […] Read More