Yves Saint Laurent’s Villa Oasis magical Marrakech Private Tour

Yves Saint Laurent’s aboriginal appointment to Marrakech apparent the alpha of a adulation affair. That 1966 appointment captivated the couturier, and the city’s colours and clamour anon infiltrated his designs; with accomplice Pierre Bergé, Saint Laurent promptly purchased a home in the medina, which would serve both as an absurd ambush from the aberration of Paris and an constant muse. He was at pains to ensure it was benign to locals as able-bodied as adorable to adopted visitors, so in […] Read More

Yves Saint Laurent Outlet Show Youth Sketches in Paris

They will cover images from three books produced by Saint Laurent Outlet, who created his own illustrated versions of acclaimed works of fiction, such as Gustave Flaubert’s “Madame Bovary,” in accession to autograph his own tomes.Also on affectation will be sketches of the sets and apparel the artist produced for his miniature home amphitheater afterwards seeing a achievement of Molière’s “The School for Wives,” featuring sets and apparel by Christian Bérard, in Oran at the age of 13.“He was actually […] Read More

Yves Saint Laurent Large Suede Muse Bag

I have to tell you about a handbag obsession of mine. To see a stamped suede finish off a bag that I already adore, my heart melts. I don’t know what it is about the soft touch and matte finish, but I have a weak spot for printed suede bags. One of the best brands to pull this off is Yves Saint Laurent . I am actually mad at myself that I did not splurge on the YSL Outlet Europe […] Read More

Saint Laurent’s New Least-Expensive Handbag is Called the Blogger Bag and I Can’t Stop Laughing

Handbag names are usually pretty boring. Designers routinely choose supermodels’ first names, names of famous Manhattan streets (uptown or downtown, depending on the brand’s market positioning), nonsense words meant to sound expensive or exotic and are distinctive enough return helpful Google results for online shoppers–mundane stuff. That’s why I nearly shot Diet Coke out my nose earlier today when I came across the Saint Laurent Blogger Bag: Hedi Slimane had one more sassy arrow left in his quiver on the […] Read More

Yves Saint Laurent Capri Flap Hobo

Yves Saint Laurent Capri Flap Hobo There is something so beautiful about many YSL handbags. I do not love them all, but I do love most. The designs are typically very elegant, clean, and wearable. YSL has been using a process of crocodile-embossing their suede, which leaves us with such a stunning effect. There are a few design houses that currently soften their crocodile skins until it does feel like suede (Bottega Veneta does this beautifully), but it is very […] Read More

Does a designer’s bad behavior turn you off of a brand?

If you keep up with fashion industry gossip, you probably already know what this is all about. If not, let me give you a bit of background: Hedi Slimane’s first women’s collection as creative director at Yves Saint Laurent/Saint Laurent Paris (and his first women’s collection ever, period) was not particularly well-received. To the vast majority of critics who viewed it (and to me), it looked a lot like a not-particularly-inventive retread of classic YSL ideas with a dash of […] Read More

Yves Saint Laurent Croc Muse Two

There is a brand that continues to churn out stunning wearable bags season after season, and it is Yves Saint Laurent. After the YSL Muse took the handbag world by storm, being one of the “it” bags during “it”-dom, the brand decided to follow up with the Muse Two. The difference between the two is in the style, with the Muse Two standing out as a chic toned-down version of the Muse. Very laid-back, striking, and a complete stunner, the […] Read More

Bag Battles: Saint Laurent vs. Maiyet

When I first saw the Maiyet Sophie Shoulder Bag, I spent a couple hours turning it over in the back of my mind, trying to remember what exactly it reminded me of. There was something about the hardware, but I couldn’t exactly place why it seemed familiar. Finally, it hit me – it was like a curvier, more detailed version of the clean, modern Saint Laurent Lulu Shoulder Bag. My feelings (and most of yours) about Saint Laurent’s venture into […] Read More

Ashley Benson Strolls with Her Pup and Her Saint Laurent Bag

Pretty Little Liars actress Ashley Benson was recently spotted leaving La Conversation Cafe in West Hollywood with an unidentified pooch companion. If her bag is giving you a little deja vu, youre not alone – thats the Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour Bag, and yes, its very much like a Saint Laurent Birkin. Even so, its a very attractive bag, IMO, and wonderfully minimalistic. Also, its about $7,000 less than your basic Birkin, which is always a plus. You can […] Read More

Yves Saint Laurent Yes Large Leather Tote

Ladies and gents, I need you to weigh in here. I cannot decide whether or not this Yves Saint Laurent handbag is genius or simply not enough for what you are paying for. Yves Saint Laurent is one of those brands, one of those brands that is almost always worth a second look. This is the case because the first look might take you in the wrong direction, but the second look, the second look could reveal sheer genius. While […] Read More