Precious Few Celebrities Opted to Carry Anything Other Than Saint Laurent and Chanel This Week

Saint Laurents Sac de Jour has quietly-yet-deliberately infiltrated the hearts and minds of celebrities over the past year. Its not that the bag itself is remarkable; its really not, which may be part of the appeal. Its sort of an anti-“it” bag–classically styled and fairly inconspicuous, with minimal branding. Our readers have always been quick to point out the similarities between the Sac and several other high end handbags (the Birkin, the Prada Saffiano Lux Tote), and theyre not wrong. So what is it about the Sac? Is it possible Saint Laurent is handing these out to celebrities like theyre soft pretzel samples from Auntie Annes, or are celebs going out and buying them en masse? Well investigate that, plus the rest of the weeks notable celebrity picks, below.