Superior : Adam Levine Named Face of YSL Bags Sale

Adam Levine has a new role at YSL Outlet. The Maroon 5 frontman and adjudicator of “The Voice” will become the all-around abettor of the attainable Y eau de parfum. He afore had been the digital-only face for the Y eau de toilette in the U.S.Stephan Bezy, all-embracing acclimatized ambassador of YSL Outlet Europe Beauté, at L’Oréal, declared the balm “a bolder, able adjustment of Y cogent the chance of a man who is added beat in his adeptness path, […] Read More

Go to The Yves Saint Laurent’s Paris Apartment

By the time Christie’s auctioned the apartment’s capacity in what every newspaper, magazine, and website (AD’s included) hailed as “the bargain of the century,” that annular dining table, as able-bodied as the room’s aesthetic snap, had vanished. What had been additional and brilliant had become about papal. A photograph of Saint Laurent Outlet, airtight the day afore his final actualization in 2002, captures him cat-and-mouse for bologna to be served, built-in in an 18th-century Italian Rococo giltwood armchair that would […] Read More

Let’s revisit the Yves Saint Laurent Roady

The Yves Saint Laurent Roady has had a place in the sun for well over a year now, which means that it’s only fair that we step back and reevaluate its popularity in the context of what’s going on in accessories at the moment. Is the Roady a bag that you still want to own? It may be bigger than current trends dictate, and I don’t think we’ve seen a python version of the Roady so far (although Fall 2011 […] Read More

Love It or Leave It: Saint Laurent Studded Minaudiere

Just like the rest of Hedi Slimane’s runway collections, Saint Laurent’s runway bags tend to inspire both irritation and buying frenzies in fashion watchers. The man has a unique talent for creating strong opinions and for moving product, and the Saint Laurent Studded Minaudiere is the latest bag from the brand that is likely to do both. It’s straight off the catwalk, after all, and that always makes a product particularly intoxicating to a brand’s most ardent fans. Is this […] Read More

Man Bag Monday: Yep, Saint Laurent Makes Man Bags, Too

Considering the beloved menswear collections that Hedi Slimane created as the head of Dior Homme, it’s perhaps no surprise that his men’s clothes at Saint Laurent feel like they’ve found their groove more quickly than his womenswear. That’s where his experience lies, after all, and Slimane’s rock star aesthetic lends itself well to dressing cooler-than-thou dudes with narrow hips, who make up much of the premiere designer menswear audience in the first place. Even those dudes have to schlep things […] Read More

Simpson Sister Style: The Pout

Ashlee gets a nose job, Jessica gets John Mayer, and now both enjoy pouting and looking woeful wherever they go. Poor Simpson sister’s, I sure do feel bad for them. Their little mansions, their little bank accounts, their little plastic surgeons, their little boyfriends. Boo-hoo. Perfectly matching woeful pouts, Jessica and Ashlee were snapped separately but acting as if they had the same feeling plastered on their face. My eyes scanned the pictures for their bags, and that is the […] Read More

Yves Saint Laurent: One bag, six colors

By now, we all know what spring’s big trend are: Colorblocking, mixed brights, pink and orange, brights contrasted with neutrals. We’ve all been saying this since the collections made their fashion week debuts six months ago, and those looks have made their way to retail with a vengeance. And in the case of the Yves Saint Laurent Lucky Chyc Colorblock Tote, they’ve all showed up in one design. I really want to like this bag, but I just can’t find […] Read More

Yves Saint Laurent Large Soft Top Handle Shopper

Yves Saint Laurent Large Soft Top Handle Shopper I most recently have fallen in love with a specific YSL bag. Remember when I covered the YSL Volcano Tote? I ended up seeing it in Saks last week in pewter and I fell in love again. PEWTER! You know, that beautiful shimmery gray color that I obsess over. In fact, pewter is one of our colors for our wedding (though finding pewter bridesmaid dresses has proven to be much more difficult […] Read More

Yves Saint Laurent Volcano Tote

Yves Saint Laurent Volcano Tote YSL bags are able to please my every want a need. Just when I needed a pick-me-up, a beautiful glimmer caught my eye in Saks. I was wandering the store aimlessly, looking for a white summery dress (I did this after Labor Day, GASP!). The dress hunt left me empty handed, but when I turned the corner I found the most stunning YSL handbag. Nothing super amazing, but something eye catching and perfect to pair […] Read More

Diane von Furstenberg Heart Bag

If you had $36,000 spare dollars, which would you buy? The hoopla behind the Diane von Furstenberg Wrap Dresses has yet to die down. It may have taken a small itsty-bitsy step down, but it is far from falling. To me, this is still what DVF is known for, her wrap dresses and sultry apparel line. Who would have known she makes accessories, and enormously pricey ones at that. I am all for thinking outside of the box and following […] Read More