Jessica Alba’s Shoe Picks Run the Young, Chic, Working-Mom Gamut

Jessica Alba is much more public about spending time with her family than other celebs, and she seems oddly undeterred by paparazzi attention. She brunches, she does playdates, she promotes The Honest Company, she makes office and juice runs and she seems generally content to live out her life in the public eye. Then again, so much of her public persona is vested in being a mom, so that all seems pretty on-brand for her.

Shes at a point in her career where her fame is self-perpetuating, and thats a very comfy spot for a celeb to be in. Thus, her extremely comfy, casual shoe game. Jessica loves flats and Birks far more than many of her A-list peers, but she can always up her evening game with a gorgeous pump or platform sandal.