Yves Saint Laurent Outlet Show Youth Sketches in Paris

They will cover images from three books produced by Saint Laurent Outlet, who created his own illustrated versions of acclaimed works of fiction, such as Gustave Flaubert’s “Madame Bovary,” in accession to autograph his own tomes.Also on affectation will be sketches of the sets and apparel the artist produced for his miniature home amphitheater afterwards seeing a achievement of Molière’s “The School for Wives,” featuring sets and apparel by Christian Bérard, in Oran at the age of 13.“He was actually […] Read More

Lately, Celine and Saint Laurent are the Only Bag Choices for Cover Girls

While the brands popularity has undoubtedly ebbed since an event that I will refer to as Peak Phantom Luggage Tote, models still have lots of love for their treasured Céline bags. Models across the US were seen carrying Céline bags in droves this week; when they werent carrying YSL Bags Sale, of course. These two brands are apparently at the top of the list of the four or five approved brands that models are allowed to carry this season. (Others […] Read More

In Praise of the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour

When the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour first came out, Amanda shared that it wasnt for her. I took a liking to it and my feelings toward the bag have only grown over time. Saint Laurent hit it big with this bag, and its proven to be accepted into the handbag world and given a permanent slot in the must-have bag category. Celebs love the Sac de Jour in varying shapes and sizes and we delved into the bag more […] Read More

Finally, a Saint Laurent Bag I Love

There’s perhaps no more controversial brand in fashion right now than Saint Laurent. Since Hedi Slimane took the reigns three seasons ago, the company’s look has gone from conservatively luxurious to all-out rock-n-roll excess, with plenty of detractors and proponents alike. Although I like Saint Laurent shoes, the company’s bags have always felt a little bit off to me, even on their best days, but I can finally say that I’ve found one I love without reservation: this black-on-black version […] Read More

YSL Muse Travel Bag

For a couple years Vlad and I were constantly on the go. Traveling back and forth across the Atlantic often, traveling back and forth from Ohio to Florida, and then everywhere and anywhere else. I actually prefer not traveling so often. I like being in one place, having my suit case in a closet and not permanently on stand-by for the next trip. I am a fan of long weekend getaways. Just packing up the car and heading to a […] Read More

Yves Saint Laurent Studded Satchel

You know, I didn’t really expect Yves Saint Laurent to go along with the stud trend. Their bags are so consistently understated and sleek that I didn’t think they’d subscribe to such an edgy and obvious trend, but I was wrong, and very happily so. The Yves Saint Laurent Studded Satchel is a trendy bag with a decidedly refined touch. The base of the bag is one that we’re all very familiar with – YSL has done a million and […] Read More

Yves Saint Laurent Nappa Leather Clutch

Yves Saint Laurent is loving the chain under leather look for this season. First we saw all the celebs crushing on the YSL Roady. The Roady of choice for many of the celebs and customers alike is the black leather with metal chain insert. And that version of the YSL Roady has a very familiar feel to this YSL bag. The Yves Saint Laurent Nappa Leather Clutch mixes chunky chain metal hardware with sleek gray leather. There is an optional […] Read More

Angelina Jolie Travels with Saint Laurent

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and a significant portion (if not all) of their brood were seen departing LAX earlier this week after returning from a lengthy family trip to Australia. Angie is carrying a black Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Suede Tote. Saint Laurent has dressed Angelina for several red carpets since Hedi Slimane took the reigns of the brand, so its not surprising that they sent a few new bags her way. You can find a black leather version […] Read More

Yves Saint Laurent Evening Muse

There is something about the Holiday Season that gets me all excited. I don’t know if it is the shopping, the sales, the parties, the presents, the overall good mood people seem to be in (minus crazy last minute shoppers) or a combination of it all. Either way, I am thrilled that the Holiday Season is quickly approaching. I personally love holiday parties. It is a great excuse to dress up, mingle with friends or friends to be and just […] Read More